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September 25, 2006

Vinnie Mirchandani

Eliminating the Innovation Disconnect

Software vendorsí concept of ìinnovationî is quite different from that of todayís CIOs. Understanding the ìMAGICî framework for CIO innovation can help close some of the gap.

By Vinnie Mirchandani, Deal Architect

CIOs, like most business executives, are under intense pressure to innovate as global competition intensifies.

But as I talk to CIOs around the country, it is becoming clear that their views on innovation are very different from those of software vendors. They do not want to be "spoon fed" innovation. They are irritated that vendors think there is a magical budget called “innovation” that they can just open up and spend. They want building blocks they can use and adapt to their own vision of innovation.


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AJAX: A Victim of its Own Success?

There are now hundreds of AJAX tools to help build Web pages. That’s the bad news. While standards exist for specific pieces of AJAX, no standards exist for how it is used. Tony Baer of onStrategies says this posts a problem for mashups and other enterprise uses for AJAX. Read more about the new OpenAjax Alliance and what it hopes to achieve in this week’s post to the Blog on Enterprise 2.0.

Learning Customer Needs from a 5th Grader

Software vendors have long been criticized for being out of touch with their customersí needs. Antony Awaida learned another lesson about product development and the importance of getting into the customerís head while working with his sonís Bizworld class. Read more in this weekís post to the Blog on Sales & Marketing.

How Will Tomorrow’s Tech Builders Raise Capital?

Technology entrepreneurs are common. Tech company builders – the Gates’, Ellisons, Jobs’ and others who spend decades building their companies – are a rare breed. Phil Bookman argues that the current startup finance model may not ensure that the next generation of these industry leaders will be able to fund their ventures. Read more in this week’s post to the Blog on Software Finance.

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New Webinar: Learn Distributed Agile Development

Agile development methods have gained popularity for being people focused, results driven and high quality. But many vendors struggle with how to leverage agile methods across a distributed development environment. Learn how in a new webinar, “Effective AGILE Product Development for Distributed Engineering Teams.” Speakers will include reknown Agile expert, Dr. Alistair Cockburn, Mark Madsen of Rivermine and Stuart Donovan of Induslogic.  Click to find out more and register for one of two sessions, Sept. 26 or Sept. 28.

Battle of the Megavendors

A new war of words and a new batch of numbers scores this round of "SAP vs. Oracle"; plus, what's holding open source back, what's holding SOA back, what's pushing software patents to record levels and more software news of the week. Read more about these stories and more software news of the week in the news summary.

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