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April 16 , 2007

Richard A. Moran

Elephants in the Boardroom

The challenges which exist between the CEO and the Board can be easily seen - and overcome - if you know what to watch for.

By Richard A. Moran, Venrock Associates

An elephant almost always joins the festivities when the CEO and the Board gather.  This is not an elephant that stomps around and trumpets trouble.  It’s a pachyderm who is very subtle but big enough to complicate the dynamics in the relationship between a CEO and the Board of Directors.

The “elephants” are the big issues that can put a divide between the CEO and the Board if they are not resolved. They are often so big that everyone sees them, but no one wants to address them.  But sometimes they can be so large that no one even sees them.

The tricky relationship between management and the Board is fueled by business issues, style, decision making power, and all the stakeholders involved. The rigors of corporate governance compound the dynamic with committee charters, proper policies and procedures, independent directors and plenty of counsel. Compliance cloned the elephant in the room into a herd.  

By recognizing the common challenges in management-Board relations,  companies can follow three basic principles to overcome most of them and greatly improve the productivity of the relationship.


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Parting Thought

“Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their jobs done.”
–Peter Drucker  

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