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25 APRIL 2012
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Mobile MR Rangaswami
Hidden Cost Factors and Total Cost of Ownership for Enterprise Mobility

By M.R. Rangaswami, Sand Hill Group

The 105 participants in Sand Hill Group’s recent study, “Leaders in Mobility Strategies: Tug of War Between Business Risk and Value,” unanimously agreed that the rewards of transitioning to enterprise mobility are huge. One of our study participants gained an entirely new customer audience for its products creating an innovative mobile app for its existing workflow system. Another company created a mobile app that has the potential of generating $300 million in revenues. But the total cost of ownership (TCO) tab is also huge and contains some hidden costs. Here’s a rundown of often-overlooked cost factors.

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Maria Amundson Sales & Marketing
The Trust Factor in Technology Companies and Social Media Marketing

The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer is the 12th annual trust and credibility survey of more than 30,000 people including regular employees as well as executives. Maria Amundson, general manager of Edelman’s Silicon Valley office, shares insights from the findings regarding the public’s trust level for technology companies, and the trust factor when companies communicate their messages in social and traditional media.

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Sweet and Sour of Investing: Do's and Don'ts of Making the Deal

You’ve got an amazing idea for the game-changing new product of the century. But no money to bring it to market. What to do? Listen to this on-demand audio broadcast of Coffee Break with Game Changers, presented by SAP. In the “Sweet and Sour of Investing” episode, SandHill’s M.R. Rangaswami, a long-time angel investor, was interviewed along with SAP Ventures’ Guarav Tewari and Chris O-Connor, Co-Founder and CEO of Taptera.

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Focus on Startups - New on SandHill this week
Pink Slime, Pivots and “The Lean Startup”

Tom Hogan, Founder and Creative Partner, Crowded Ocean, says when he first encountered the term “pivot” it meant “’screw up.’ But recently, it’s gotten a more positive spin, as in ‘fresh start’ or ‘rapid response.’ But it also means you didn’t get it right the first time.” He says the book, “The Lean Startup” is partly what’s behind pivots, but that may not be the best approach. Here’s his advice.

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42Gears Accelerates Enterprise Mobility with Remote Management Solutions

Founded in India in 2009, 42Gears Mobility Systems has a suite of products aimed at accelerating mobile solutions in businesses. The company was selected as a NASSCOM Emerge 50 company in 2011, designating it as a company that will shape the software products industry. In this article, Onkar Singh, founder and managing director, discusses the software executive experience factor and describes how the 42Gears team is growing the company.

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