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06 FEBRUARY 2013
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Mobile BI Growth

Howard DresnerThe 2012 Dresner Advisory Services Mobile BI study reveals the latest mobile business intelligence trends in adoption, features, vendor rankings, planned initiatives and much more.

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Data Virtualization

Suresh ChandrasekaranHow does new virtualized data integration differ from current trends? The senior vice president at Denodo, a data virtualization firm, answers that question and discusses other trends, such as what is “cloud critical” in 2013.

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Healthcare Communication

Scott GuelichMany hospitals have invested in a variety of insufficient communication solutions, but are still actively seeking solutions to improve collaboration among providers. Care Thread’s CEO offers tips on facilitating better healthcare communication and discusses how healthcare is rapidly adopting mobile devices.

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Notable Quote

question mark iconWho said: “Apple’s core business is something that practically everybody wants to do... Amazon’s core business is something...”

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