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29 MAY 2013        
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Business Intelligence Market Study Insights

Howard Dresner

Dresner Advisory Services discusses insights from findings in its 2013 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study. 1,182 participants ranked vendors, priorities, success/failure, BI penetration in organizations, use of BI tools, growth of BI Competency Centers, the role of leadership, and much more. Along with insights, Dresner presents a challenge to vendors.

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Software Pricing Models

Eric PelanderWhat can your software companies do to counteract disruptive forces impacting business and pricing models, and how can you find new opportunities to compete? Waterstone Management Group discusses four of the most impactful trends, each with distinct implications for competitive pricing models.

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Analytics: Cloud Environs

Christian BeedgenSumo Logic’s analytics solution logs machine data across cloud and on-premises infrastructure. The CTO discusses differentiation in solutions addressing challenges in monitoring cloud environments. He also predicts changes coming in the next 18 months to Big Data analytics.

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5 File Sharing Tips

Jim LiddleFile sharing is a key part of a company’s ability to collaborate and share corporate data, but how do you keep information protected and secure during the process? The CEO of Storage Made Easy shares five factors to consider when implementing a business file-sharing solution.

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Path: Move to Cloud

Jeff KaplanHow can ISVs move their applications to the cloud and offer SaaS solutions without cannibalizing their installed base of perpetual license customers? The managing director of THINKstrategies outlines a path that provides particular promise.

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AWS vs. Google Compute

Howard DresnerGoogle Compute Engine has finally arrived and is available broadly. Which should you go with? Here are four important considerations.

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Software M&As


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