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24 JULY 2013
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Mobile and Cloud Disruptive Data Security


How can enterprises control data no matter where it ends up, anywhere in the world, in real time, as it’s being accessed? Adam Ghetti, chairman of Ionic Security, explains how the company’s disruptive security platform gives enterprise business policy owners and security group managers that ability, beginning with touching data at its inception as it’s being created. He also shares software startup advice.

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Startup Marketing Readiness Insights

Guy Smith

Do founders understand marketing before they launch? The recent startup readiness survey conducted by Silicon Strategies Marketing and reveals what founders knew about marketing when they launched their first startup. Guy Smith, SSM’s chief marketing strategist and founder, discusses insights from the survey findings including what founders would do if time travel permitted them to relaunch their first startup.

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iOS 7 App Readiness

Srinivas BalasubramanianIs your app ready for iOS 7? With the expectation that this update will be the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone, Photon CEO Srinivas Balasubramanian says that every app must consider at least basic updates to its UI and features to survive. He points out five considerations for app developers.

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iOS Enterprise Mobility

Krish KupathilHow can businesses enable mobile access to their enterprise SharePoint assets across mobile devices without requiring costly additional investments? Onvelop CEO Krish Kupathil discusses the company’s mobile-based collaboration and communication platform for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

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Decision Management SW

James CattermoleHow can teams make decisions quickly and efficiently? James Cattermole, founder and CEO of Hexigo, describes the company’s enterprise decision-management software system, which also determines the quality of the decisions. He also shares his advice for other startups.

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