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April 11, 2005

The Marriage of ROI and SLA

Tom Pisello

Software vendors can meet their customers' needs and improve their own revenue potential by utilizing a ROI SLA.

By Tom Pisello, CEO, Alinean

Pressure is high for CIOs and IT executives to deliver rock-solid IT strategies on smaller budgets. As a result, enterprises have an extremely low tolerance for project failure or spending that falls short of expectations. This sets the stage for a closer, more fruitful, relationship with vendors in helping companies reduce the risks and maximize the rewards from every IT investment.

One way to bring about this relationship is to use the service level agreement (SLA) - long valued as a tool for guaranteeing availability and responsiveness - as a way to ensure that a return on investment is achieved. Under this model, vendors partner with their customers to ensure ROI goals are realized, and tie their financial compensation to the achievement of key benefits.

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How was Q1?

Now we're into second quarter, how do you think software companies performed during first quarter? Take our pulse poll. In last week's poll, sixty percent of visitors said sales knew customers better than marketing.

Hot Blogs: Open Source, SaaS and Consolidation

Thanks to our insightful bloggers, the blog has received tremendous traffic the past few weeks. Don't miss the final post from Paul Lavallee to the industry consolidation blog of two weeks ago.

This week, the bloggers take on open source: It's taken off within the enterprise but how will enterprise software vendors use open source? Will it be commingled with their own IP? As infrastructure? How will open source change vendor business models? Don't miss the latest thinking on this topic in this week's blog.

Sand Hill Group hosted a webinar on software as a service (SaaS) last Thursday. The event drew more than one hundred participants. Read a recap of the most interesting discussion points in final post to the SaaS blog by K.B. Chandrasekhar.

Learn from Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Suzanne McKechnie Klahr left law school to found Build, a group that works with teens to foster business savvy and entrepreneurship. Read Suzanne's story and find out what you can learn about innovation from today's youngest business leaders in this month's Software Personalities.

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