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30 May 2012
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Big Data Robert Fox
Deep Dive into Data-as-a-Service Impacts on Business Ecosystems

By Robert Fox, Director, B2B/EAI Software Development, Liaison Technologies

Who owns data? Is it the application, the application group, the organization, or ...? Can you define your data value chain?

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Peter Auditore Big Data
In-Memory Technology: Innovation in Business Intelligence?

By Peter Auditore, Principal Researcher, Asterias Research

Is In-Memory database technology the next major innovation in the world of business intelligence? From a practical business perspective instead of technobabble, is it a game changer that will lead to competitive advantage?

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James Latham Mobile
Devising a Content Management Strategy Can Energize Your Mobile Workforce

By James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText

How much does mobile technology improve productivity and customer service if information is fragmented and hard to find?

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Aneesh Reddy Startups
How Capillary Technologies Became a Top Provider of Retail End-to-End Customer Engagement Solutions

By Aneesh Reddy, Co-Founder and CEO, Capillary Technologies

When is the right time for a startup to begin international expansion efforts?

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Who Said It?
  • “[The cloud] is interesting but not dramatic... People don’t really do anything serious there.”
  • “... [I]t might be the demise of what we actually do in Silicon Valley.”

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