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19 September 2012
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Collaborative BI

HOWARD DRESNERWhich organizations and industries are adopting collaborative business intelligence? What are their priorities? Have they been successful to date? What are their requirements for functionality and features? Are vendors aligned with user needs? Howard Dresner’s latest study reveals this and much more.

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Mobile Security Policies

OTTO DOLLAre you struggling with developing policies around BYOD security and privacy issues? Here’s the decision-making process for managing corporate mobile risks that the city of Minneapolis (and managed services provider Unisys) went through when iPads entered the city’s corporate environment.

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Monitor User Experience

MICHAEL ZUCKERMANOnce technology is deployed, monitoring of user adoption falls to the help desk. But users only call for one of every eight issues they experience. Knoa’s chief marketing officer explains how UEM software helps optimize your benefits from technology investments.

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Cloud/SaaS-Based EDI

ROBERT FOXMany small suppliers struggle to comply with trading partners’ requirements for EDI systems and facing fines or loss of business. The cloud-based SaaS approach removes the barriers of EDI adoption. Liaison Technologies explains the model’s benefits.


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