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Cloudera Discusses Hadoop and Big Data Trends

Charles Zedlewski

There are more than 200 third-party tools and applications built on the Cloudera platform today. Cloudera recently launched Sentry to bolster the security aspects of its Hadoop platform and also introduced advancements in the platform’s search functionality for structured and unstructured data. Charles Zedlewski, vice president, products, talks about trends in Big Data solutions and how the Cloudera platform is evolving.

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Big Data-Savvy CIO

Francesca KrihelyHow are the executives that are responsible for decision making about Big Data initiatives approaching this challenge? Francesca Krihely, community marketing manager, MongoDB, gives seven questions a Big Data-savvy CIO has to be able to ask and answer, and she talks about challenges ahead.

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Data Integration Report

Betsy BilhornWhy do businesses continue with manual approaches when many data integration solutions are available today? Betsy Bilhorn, Scribe Software’s VP of product, gives findings of the 2013 State of Data Integration Report and steps to integrating customer data more easily than a do-it-yourself approach.

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Cloud ERP Vendor Support

Martin R. BrowneMany traditional ERP products are now offered in the cloud, but what should customers know before signing on the dotted line? Martin R. Browne, senior manufacturing consultant, Rootstock Software, discusses benefits but cautions that many vendors are glossing over support.

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LeaderAmp’s Matt Barney

Matt BarneySandHill’s third article in a series profiling leaders in the software industry features Matt Barney, Ph.D., the founder and CEO of LeaderAmp, Inc. He discusses requirements for global leadership, operating effectively through chaos and transformation, evidence-based leadership and leader persuasion.

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