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June 9, 2010

Charles BabcockCloud Strategy: To Disrupt - or Be Disrupted

This excerpt from a new book, "Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution" explores the ways in which cloud computing is transforming IT strategy for both enterprises and vendors.

By Charles Babcock, InformationWeek

It wasn't so long ago that Tim Berners-Lee enhanced the Internet with a few simple conventions that let documents be posted, linked to, and read remotely. The first phase of the Web was one of read-only information, and while businesses could adopt it as an additional communication medium, that advantage was spread around fairly evenly and disruption of established businesses was minimal…


Learn the New Metrics of Software Success

CEOs and CFOs are using new measures to gauge their business growth. Sand Hill Group’s new report, “Software CEO Outlook 2010: New Decade, New Realities,” surveyed more than 100 top executives to compile an insider’s perspective on the current software business climate, forecasts for the next 12 months, and the strategic shifts taking place at the C-level in terms of both metrics and mindsets. Click here to buy the report and get the must-know details on how to lead your software company to new growth as the industry emerges from the economic downturn.

New Realities about B2B Buying

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers debunks five old-fashioned assumptions about how enterprises buy today in this post to the Blog on software sales.

Envisioning a Software Distribution Hub

Jake Sorofman of rPath explains the benefits of a centralized IT hub which would reduce complexity and increase control in this post to the Blog, "New Era, New Thinking."

Newsweek Moves to the Cloud

Kamesh Pemmaraju interviews Newsweek's CIO about the process of moving mission-critical apps online in this post from his weekly blog, Leaders in the Cloud.

Letter to a Newly Appointed CEO

McKinsey's former managing director Ian Davis offers to new CEOs advice distilled from his experience supporting executives during their transitions into the role. Read Davis’ perspective in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Most Disruptive Aspect of the Cloud?

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  1. House Votes Yes to Discourage Outsourcing (CIO)
  2. Top Windows Exec to Head HP Software (Redmond ChannelPartner)
  3. Oracle to lay off more Sun workers (BusinessWeek)
  4. How Sybase rescued itself and became worth $6 billion (InfoWorld)
  5. House Allocates $84 Billion For Technology R&D (InformationWeek)

The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: Keeping cloud costs grounded.

VC Activity: Enterprise collaboration vendor Socialtext receives $2.3 million.

M&A Deals: CDC Software buys government cloud vendor iDC.

Executive Moves: Beatriz Infante named Chief Executive Officer of power consumption software company, Carbonetworks.

Quote of the Week

“In this legislation, which is job creating, it closes the loophole which has allowed businesses to ship jobs overseas.”

- House Speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi on passing the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act

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