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An Eagle’s Eye on the Cloud: Early-Warning Systems for Cloud Outages

Gary Read, CEO - Boundary

Businesses running mission-critical applications in the cloud often don’t know if their site is crawling to a halt or their provider is experiencing an outage. This article explains three types of early-warning systems.

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The Top 5 Security Issues to Consider When Moving to Public or Hybrid Clouds

Andrew Hay, Chief Evangelist - CloudPassage, Inc.

What security issues do you need to consider when moving servers to public or hybrid clouds?

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From On-Premises to the Cloud and Back

Tom Crane, Product Group Manager - Quest Software

This article discusses lingering concerns around privacy and security in cloud computing.

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Newvem Makes Analytics Simple for Driving Effective Use of the Public Cloud

Zev Laderman, CEO - Newvem

The pace of adoption of cloud computing is evidence not only of its powerful economic advantages but also how easy it is to get into the cloud. But many companies are finding that using the cloud effectively is not so easy.

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Why You Need to Calculate the Cost and Impacts of Your IT Downtime

Dave Laurello, CEO - Stratus Technologies

Knowing the cost of your IT downtime is critical to business success. Stratus' CEO explains the impact and also how to achieve 100% uptime.