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March 24, 2010

Kamesh PemmarajuCloud Leaders: Act Now

A new study from Sand Hill Group identifies the business value of cloud computing for customers and the urgent actions needed by vendors to ensure success in the rapidly approaching cloud era.

By Kamesh Pemmaraju, Sand Hill Group

It is tempting to dismiss cloud computing as another product of the well-oiled technology hype machine. But consider these facts: Mega-technology vendors are pouring billions of dollars into cloud products. Cloud vendors are realizing record growth. Analysts forecast cloud services as a $100 billion-plus opportunity in just a few short years.

Is cloud computing worth all of this excitement? In a word: Yes.

Sand Hill Group’s new study, “Leaders in the Cloud,” proves that the business value of cloud computing is real, the road to enterprise cloud adoption is shorter than most experts think, and both customers and vendors must act now to build the cloud solutions that will revolutionize business in the coming decade.


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Crank Your Performance “Up to Eleven”

Bruce LaFetra

Bruce LaFetra explains how clarifying your company’s mission can improve performance, camaraderie and productivity. Read more in this post to the Blog, “New Era, New Thinking.”

Private Clouds Regain Supply Chain Control

Randy Clark

Randy Clark of Platform Computing says any application can be a customer of the cloud in a heterogeneous private cloud management platform where application architects have the flexibility they need to innovate and compete. Read more in this post to the Blog on cloud computing.

Cloud Reality is Catching the Hype

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju said the atmosphere at last week’s Cloud Business Summit reminded him of 1997’s buzz around the Internet: the hype was quickly giving way to reality. Read his summary of key conference takeaways and an update on Microsoft’s latest moves in the government cloud in this post to his Blog, Leaders in the Cloud.

DON'T MISS: McKinsey’s “Risk Roundup 2010”

Among the risks in the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest global business risk assessment highlights are growing political instability from rising global unemployment, macroeconomic risks as stimulus measures fade, and financial-system risk spreading to sovereign debt in Greece and other Countries. Top risk forecasters highlight their picks for this year’s economic and political hot spots in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Cloud Like the Internet in 1997?

Is adoption of cloud computing today at the same stage Internet adoption was in 1997 – and is the market poised for a similar trajectory?
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The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: Adobe earnings prompt bullish outlook.

VC Activity: Labor-as-a-Service vendor Dolores Labs receives $5 million.

M&A Deals: Informatica pays $1.3 million for Siperian.

Executive Moves: Confio Software named Matt Larson CEO.

Quote of the Week

“Google is playing a very dangerous game. They could end up doing more damage than good.”

- Rob Enderle, president of Enderle Group on Google’s moves in China

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