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June 25, 2014
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Cloud Billing Issues, Trends and Solutions

Andrew Dailey

Andrew Dailey,
Managing Director
MGI Research

Companies moving to cloud-based, as-a-service offerings are finding that their billing platform doesn’t meet their needs. A chief customer officer discusses the issues around cloud billing in enterprises, trends and three things CEOs and CFOs need to look for in a billing provider.

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Startup Board Guidance on Independent Directors

Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta

Should you bring an independent director to your startup’s board? What are the right reasons to bring in one? When should you do so and how can you make sure you end up with an asset and not a liability? This article answers these questions and more regarding finding an independent director.

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ERP Dashboard Reporting: Solving 3 Key Problems

Kreg Decker

Kreg Decker,
President and CEO
One Vision Solutions

Dashboard reporting, once a novelty only the IT department cared about, is now one of the make-or-break features of an ERP system. This article looks at three crucial characteristics of enterprise resource planning (ERP) dashboard reporting.

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Software Startup CEOs: 16 Lessons Learned

Kathleen Goolsby

Kathleen Goolsby,
Managing Editor

If you could go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently the second time around? That’s one question answered by startup CEOs interviewed by SandHill presents a collection of insights and lessons learned.

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SQL & Hadoop: High Performance Advantage


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