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18 DECEMBER 2013
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CIO Dilemma: Backlog

Gottfried SehringerWhat can CIOs do to solve dilemmas caused by maintenance backlog? Gottfried Sehringer, VP of marketing, Mendix, provides four steps to eliminate bottlenecks for application development, modernization and change requests and dramatically increase speed and efficiency for delivering applications.

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2014 Analytics Predictions

Shirish NetkeSilicon Valley futurists have referred to Tom Cruise’s “precognitive” abilities as captain of the “PreCrime” police force in “Minority Report” in the context of what’s possible with Big Data. In that spirit, Shirish Netke, Amberoon CEO, forecasts analytics in this 2014 “PreReview.”

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Software Purchasing Tips

Kathleen GoolsbyWe asked several of SandHill’s content contributors and industry pundits for perspectives on how companies can avoid shortsighted software purchase decisions in 2014. Here is their advice.

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Customer Care Experience

Michael BoukadakisHow can brands advance beyond traditional methods to offer customer service in a way that matches cross-platform consumer behavior? Michael Boukadakis, founder and CEO of Enacomm, discusses intelligent interactions and how to utilize advanced technology to easily bend over backwards for customers

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December M&A Report

M&A ReportsWhat are the recent software merger/acquisition trends? Download the December monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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question mark icon"Intel needs mobile traction and needs it sooner rather than later. If they..."


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