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4 APRIL 2012
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LEADERSHIP M.R. Rangaswami
Decision-Making Advice for CEOs

John Thompson has a wealth of experience as a CEO of both consumer and enterprise technology companies. Currently the CEO of fast-growing Virtual Instruments, he also serves on the boards of Microsoft, UPS, DOMO and Liquid Robotics - one of the top 50 U.S. innovative companies. Former positions include chairman and CEO (and on the board) at Symantec as well as leadership positions at IBM.

In this article he shares insights on the mistakes that CEOs make, his perspective on working with startups, and the best way to judge CEO success or failure.

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Sacha LabourayZach Urlocker Sales & Marketing
Managing Challenges of Onboarding SaaS Customers and Converting from Free Software Trials

Do you have visibility into what your customers/users are doing with your software products and know how to communicate with them effectively to make sure they get the best value from the products? Do you encounter challenges in onboarding new SaaS customers or trying to convert customers from a free trial model into paying customers? Zendesk and CloudBees have overcome these challenges, and both realized increased customer acquisition and revenues in just a few weeks. Here’s the story of how they achieved this success.

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Also new on this week

Creating and Managing Frequent and High-Quality SaaS Product Releases
DEVOPS is often described as something that can help achieve the combination of frequent and high-quality releases in SaaS products. Like the Lean movement, DEVOPS focuses not only on technical issues but also on organizational issues. It’s a journey. This article describes the culture, tools and processes necessary for the journey.

Digital Asset Management in Social Media Strategy
Jody Vandergriff explains “getting DAM social.” Marketers have spent enormous amounts of energy trying to optimize social media processes and finding better ways to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. As a result, the need for digital asset management (DAM) has grown to address the management, cataloging and delivery of rich media files.

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Cloud Careers
M.R. Rangaswami, publisher of, was quoted in “Do You Have a Cloud Career Plan?” by Derek Singleton, analyst at Software Advice. Click here to read the article.

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