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March 5, 2014
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Hello, readers. Here are the software industry stories with insights for you this week.


Chief Analytics Officer Attributes. Companies aspiring to move to a position where analytics is on the critical path for competitive advantage need to have a chief analytics officer  with a seat at the table. The CAO will need to address the far-reaching cultural and organizational changes necessitated by Big Data initiatives. So how do you select a CAO?


Shirish Netke,
President and CEO Amberoon Inc.


New Cloud Security Technologies. How can companies find the right balance between the lower operational overhead offered by the cloud and the higher operational overhead required by traditional cloud security? Software-defined encryption and key management are the answers, but they require new solutions. This is where two new technologies come into the picture.


Gilad Parann-Nissany,
Founder and CEO Porticor Cloud Security


Cloud Migration Platform. A diversified media company successfully moved 30 connected systems (including core systems) and hundreds of applications to the cloud using a cloud software automation platform. Based on this success, they’re planning to move even more to the cloud. What gave their executives the confidence to do more than test the waters in the cloud?


Dennis Walsh,
President, Redwood Software


Mobile Future: Wearables. Just as enterprises are catching up to the mobile trend, another twist is coming into play. Wearables are opening the floodgates to a variety of new applications and benefits. How should brands prepare for the new demands on developers and the testing process?


Eran Kinsbruner,
Director, Product Marketing Perfecto Mobile


Where the Next Skype or Facebook May Emerge. Startup Village, a unique business incubator, aims to launch 1,000 startups over the next decade and is changing the software ecosystem in India with Silicon Valley help. Its encouragement of college students to create cutting-edge technology startups has already resulted in young Indians receiving accolades globally for technological innovation.


Sanjay Vijayakumar,
Chairman, Startup Village Co-founder and CEO, MobME Wireless


March M&A Report. What are the recent software merger/acquisition trends? Download the March monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group..

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Notable Quotes. “One of the things IBM learned was when their monopoly ran out and they had to compete with a bunch of smaller, more agile companies, they needed to... ”

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Software CEO/CFO Outlook for 2014

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March 26, 2014, 11 am (PT)

Carpe Datum Rx Event - Interview of M R Rangaswami, Co-founder & CEO Sand Hill Group

Still new and disruptive, Big Data technology can be complex to implement and use, and the cultural and process implications can be daunting. Sand Hill Group surveyed 160 real-world practitioners and conducted in-depth interviews with executives responsible for Big Data initiatives at 25 large enterprises with combined annual revenues exceeding $1.4 trillion. Their insights and recommendations are the basis for the report’s detailed prescription for implementing and leveraging Big Data solutions. In this event, Shirish Netke, CEO of Amberoon, will interview M. R. Rangaswami, co-founder and CEO of Sand Hill Group and co-author of "Mindset Over Dataset: A Big Data Prescription for Setting the Market Pace." Register

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