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18 July 2012
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Calculating Downtime Cost

DAVE LAURELLOMost CEOs and CIOs know how many times their IT was down during a month or year. But few know how to calculate the costs of that downtime. Stratus CEO Dave Laurello explains why it’s important to do the calculation. And he says 100 percent uptime is “absolutely possible.”

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Essential “Social” Biz

Clint Oram SugarCRM’s CTO Clint Oram says, “I won’t lie to you: my own company has embraced the disruption of social business, and there can be times when the hyper-collaborative combination of social networking and work can cause major distractions.” Even so, he explains why it’s essential to business growth.

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Innovation = Fear

Paul TrotterThree people come to your office with different flavors of a standard approach for solving your problem. A fourth person brings you a unique idea, but it comes with some unknowns. Do you leap? Paul Trotter, CEO of Author-it Software, discusses handling the resistance toward disruptive technology.

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Next-Gen Mobile Platform

Amit PuriAmit Puri, CEO of startup InBay Technology Solutions, discusses his company’s next-gen Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and its differentiation in end-to-end mobile integration. He also shares product development, funding challenges and go-to-market advice for other tech startups.

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Analytics in the Cloud

Darren CunninghamPat Morrissey (formerly of Business Objects and now with Tidemark, a new analytics vendor) discusses traditional barriers to business intelligence adoption and analytics in the cloud  in this interview by Darren Cunningham of Informatica Cloud.

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Software M&A Trends

cookieOur downloadable PDF with select M&A transactions and financial performance for June 2012, courtesy of Software Equity Group, is now available.

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