Top Real Estate Tech Trends In 2020

Jennifer Kite-Powell, Contributor - Forbes

Deloitte’s 2020 Commercial Real Estate Outlook surveyed 750 owners, operators and investors in 10 different countries across various commercial real estate sectors to gauge to top tech trends for 2020.

AI Metamorphosis: 4 Mind-Bending Things to Add

Toby Redshaw, Senior Vice President - Verizon

Four mind-bending additions to the AI Metamorphosis article written by Dr. Kissinger, Dr. Huttenlocher and Eric Schmidt.

Product Test Automation in the Era of Digital Transformation

Urvashi Babaria, Product Manager - eInfochips

Urvashi Babaria, Product Marketing Manager at eInfochips shares their observations on how organizations evolve their product's quality assurance test strategies and innovate new avenues around product test automation to align with their digital business model.

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5 Conversation-Sparking Realizations from the Enterprise Retreat

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

At the 2019 Enterprise Retreat at Half Moon Bay, CA last month, CEO's and enterprise leaders were anonymously polled on key issues identified by the Boston Consulting Group. Here are the top five conversation-sparking results!

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The Transformational Power of BPM

Miguel Valdés Faura, CEO and Co-founder - Bonitasoft

Far more than simply digitizing processes, BPM improves both operational and strategic functions, leading to an entirely new way of doing business.