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Connecting with Bill Gates: Networking in a Shrinking World

Is there a chance that Bill Gates is part of your extended network, but you had no idea about it? In this Zinnov Podcast conversation, Nitika Goel chats with MR Rangaswami - a serial networker and network builder, about the difference between a network and networking - and what it takes to build a network in the digital construct

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Quick Answers to Quick Questions: Mark Flickinger, COO, BIP Capital

As one of the most active and successful venture capital firms in the southeastern United States, COO Mark Flickinger, has an educated perspective on "where" capital funds and tech hubs are relocating to.

Top 5 Connectivity & Tech Predictions for 2020

As we witnessed is 2019, connectivity got faster and smarter enabling consumers to embed technology into their everyday lives. Here are Business Insider Intelligence's connectivity & tech predictions for 2020. 

Research Brief: All Of Big Tech’s Investments Since The Covid-19 Outbreak

While some big tech companies are pressing pause on investments during the coronavirus outbreak, others are making outsize bets. In this CBInsights Research Brief, we see how Covid-19 has influenced some tech giants to take advantage of the uncertainty to make strategic moves.

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