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August 4, 2008

Suresh Madhavan

Bridging the IT-Business Information Gap

Enterprises can lower costs while delivering real-time enterprise search capabilities, security and regulatory compliance.

By Suresh Madhavan, PointCross

Information is the most valuable currency in a knowledge business. And almost all of that currency is buried in digital form in e-mails, documents, data sheets, and databases—all of it moving rapidly across networks. Unfortunately, much of the information technology available today creates barriers to searching for this information, thus driving up corporate costs in three essential ways: search inefficiency, security problems, and compliance headaches.

Search capability needs to extend beyond finding a document for a particular situation to making information readily available to every business context or topic across the enterprise. Business information must be organized to offer a simple way to deliver a comprehensive search, security, and compliance solution that allows knowledge workers to find information and react in real time.


New Podcast: Innovative Software Partnerships

M.R. Rangaswami of Sand Hill Group moderates an insightful discussion on how software companies can get the most out of software partnerships with Bob Langer, President of Qliktech Americas and David van Toor, SVP and General Manager of Sage CRM solutions. Click here to listen.

Breaking New Ground in Security

Guy SmithThe security market is due for a shakeup. Guy Smith of Silicon Strategies Marketing says Security Mentor is the company to make it happen and details the company’s savvy marketing strategy in this post to the Blog on software marketing best practice.

IBM Swallows Ilog

Ilog had positioned itself for acquisition – and IBM took the bait. But Tony Baer of Ovum warns not to dismiss the deal because it makes too much sense. Read his analysis of the synergies in this post to the Blog on software M&A.

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Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results

Companies are using more Web 2.0 tools and technologies than they were last year, sometimes for more complex business purposes, according to McKinsey’s second annual survey on Web 2.0. Companies that are satisfied with their use of these tools are starting to see changes throughout the enterprise. Read more about the progress in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

News Update: Crunching Numbers

Microsoft’s $100,000 open-source nod; plus, IBM’s new $400 million cloud computing investment, Apple’s $30 billion “problem” and second quarter surprises. Read these stories and more software news of the week in the latest Software News Summary.

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Parting Thought

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.
— Peter Drucker

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group



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