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11 APRIL 2012
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MOBILE Jason Maynard
Bizumers Rise Up! The Driving Force in the Consumerization of IT

Bizumers are the driving force behind the consumerization of IT. Jason Maynard, managing director and senior technology analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, describes how bizumers are causing the old staid rules to crumble and are bringing a new wave of productivity that is reshaping the business technology landscape.

He predicts this will have a material impact on vendor revenue growth, profit and market share across all segments of business technology.

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Market Trends
The Market for Social Media and Business Intelligence Tools

Social media networks are creating large data sets of structured and unstructured data that enable companies to gain competitive advantage - or will be the worst nightmare for companies that ignore them. Peter Auditore, principal researcher at Asterias Research, discusses key findings from "The Social Media and Business Intelligence Survey," recently conducted in North America and EMEA by Asterias in cooperation with IBM, the SHARE user group and Unisphere Magazine.

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Acquia and Drupal Experiencing Widespread Moves to Open Source Software

Why are leading companies such as Warner Music and a Fortune 10 company making sweeping shifts to open source solutions? And how is open source bringing together content, commerce and community/collaboration in one system? Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia, shares the answers, and more trends information in this article.

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Cut Through Cloud Clutter: Insights from Visible Ops Private Cloud
Join Andi Mann, VP Cloud Strategy for CA and Jeanne Morain, Director Alliances for Flexera Software, as they provide prescriptive guidance for ISVs and Intelligent Device Manufacturers for cutting through the cloud clutter. They will identify, dissect and discuss some of the key cloud challenges as well as share best practices for licensing and porting applications to the cloud (private or public). In addition, they will provide insights from key customer and consultant interviews (conducted for their recent book, “Visible Ops Private Cloud”) on cloud bursting, licensing implications and regulation hurdles facing ISVs and their customer.
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Also new on this week

How Cloud Computing Changes Start-up Investing
Because of the cloud, venture capital investors now have lower early-stage risk, and the Micro VCs are on the rise. Cindy Padnos, founder & managing partner, Illuminate Ventures, explains the Micro VC space - between the traditional angel round of financing ($250,000 - $1 million) and the typical large-scale series A round ($4-$10 million) - and how startups need to understand this new investor option and strategy.

The Pitch: Why Startup Presentations Fail to Get Funded
Most startup presentations given by first time entrepreneurs fall well short of their intended goal, getting venture funded. Igor Sill, founder, Geneva Venture Partners, says most presentations end up as “nothing more than ‘yet another idea’ delivered via 50+ boring slides.” He presents pointers for crafting successful business-funding pitch.

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