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March 18, 2015
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Bitcoin: Fad or Entrepreneur Opportunity?

Shirish Netke

Shirish Netke
President and CEO
Amberoon Inc.

Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to create real value? This article discusses how to understand the business opportunities in the age of Bitcoin.

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Adding Pipeline Velocity to Sales Methodologies

Dalia Asterbadi

Dalia Asterbadi
VP Relationship Management

Many organizations evaluate the implementation of sales methodologies but don’t consider their long-tail impact on organizational culture. This article looks at the impact of adding three elements to the sales framework as well as three top considerations for improving pipeline velocitys.

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Corporate Mobile Apps: Improving User Experience

Kyle Hodgson

Kyle Hodgson
Principal Consultant
Software Developer
ThoughtWorks Canada

The user experience of mobile software, particularly for consumers, has made great strides. So why do most apps developed for the C-suite have poor usability characteristics? Here are six reasons why corporations shouldn’t think the added expense of great usability isn’t justified for associate-facing apps.

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Ask the Experts: Mobile Payment Technologies

Markus Milsted

Markus Milsted
CEO and Founder

In this article three experts discuss when mPayment technologies will move from their current niche status to mainstream adoption and the biggest factor holding back greater adoption.

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Leverage the Cloud for IoT Service & New Value

Jeff Kaplan

Jeffrey M. Kaplan
Managing Director

Read a real-world example of how a commoditized products company created a competitive advantage and new value by launching an IoT service leveraging the cloud.

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Executive Briefing


March Executive BriefingAnalytics Elements to Establish Semantic Consistency in Data Lakes:
Business Outcomes from Analytics

Technical solutions that utilize data lakes solve the data access problem, but leave the crucial understanding of the issues to only a few advanced users and data scientists. This white paper by Saama Technologies discusses a method of defining and using data assets as a foundation block for faster and flexible analytics solutions. The complexity of data supply chains and the technical infrastructures to manage them are growing. Simply mastering the plumbing infrastructure isn’t sufficient to tackle today’s business problems. The hidden signals that are mined when seemingly unrelated data elements are brought together need to be orchestrated so that the business can make intelligent, data-driven decisions. However, understanding signals or correlations across time series data and dimensions is not a simple job. In most organizations, neither IT nor business has the capabilities to search for these needles in the haystack, let alone discover the correlations.

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