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02 January 2013
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Big Deal Software Sales

PETER SOBILOFFSuccessful software sales now requires understanding how to sell a big commitment (even SaaS) and how to manage an institutionalized sales force. But it’s not a core competency of all companies, so how is it done? Insight Venture Partners provides four steps to success.

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Cloud Outage Warnings

GARY READIf your business is running critical, customer-facing applications in the cloud, a few minutes of downtime can result in potential loss of revenues, reputation and critical intelligence. The CEO of Boundary discusses how to avoid this through three effective early-warning systems.

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Bank Software Solutions

HANUMAN TRIPATHIInfrasoftTech provides a suite of software solutions for the global financial services industry. Its co-founder discusses the market and shares information for other entrepreneurs about the risks involved in product development decisions.

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Design-Led Engineering

Sandeep ChawdaUnderstanding user needs is important when coming up with a usable and consumable software design, but where do you begin? The co-founders of software development provider Clarice Technologies discuss design-led software innovation and how to come up with a good balance between design and technology.

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2012 Top 15 Most-Read SandHill Articles


Have you read these articles? These are the top 15 most-read in 2012. Click on the links to revisit the insights in these articles or share them with a colleague:

  1. Five Trends in Enterprise Mobility for 2012 and Beyond, by Kamesh Pemmaraju (SandHill) – January
  2. Positioning to Win: the Secret Power of a Point of View, by Christopher Lochhead (Play Bigger Advisors) – February
  3. Big Data and Insight as a Service, by Evangelos Simoudis (Trident Capital) – May
  4. Six Recommendations for Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions, by Howard Dresner (Dresner Advisory Services) – December 2011
  5. Cloud Computing Trend 2012: Cloud Service Brokers, by Robert Fox (Liaison Technologies) – January
  6. Deep Dive Into Data-as-a-Service Impacts on Business Ecosystems, by Robert Fox (Liaison Technologies) – May
  7. Dresner Study Reveals Changes in the Business Intelligence Market, by Howard Dresner (Dresner Advisory Services) – August
  8.’s New Data Residency Option (DRO) Will Widen Door for Cloud Adoption, by Jeff Kaplan, THINKstrategies – September
  9. The Art of the Compelling Software Presentation, by Penny Kreitzer (Penny Kreitzer Associates) – January
  10. Exposing Agile Software Development Myths, by William Martinez (Avantica Technologies) – June
  11. Bessemer Venture Partners Assessment of the 2013 Software Market, by Byron Deeter (Bessemer Venture Partners) – November
  12. Enterprise IT Architecture Goals Trends and Perspectives, by Serhiy Kharytonov and Oleksandr Sukholeyster (SoftServe Inc.) – October
  13. Seven Traps CEOs Hit When Shopping at the CMO Store, by Dave Peterson (Play Bigger Advisors) – March
  14. Five Tips for Storytelling in Marketing, by Jake Sorofman (Marketlever) – May
  15. Top Five Cloud Myths, Trends, and Recommendations by Tarkan Maner (Dell Wyse) – October 2011



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