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05 JUNE 2013
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Big Data Study Insights

Dr. Satya RamaswamyWhat are the biggest challenges to turning Big Data into actionable insights? Tata Consultancy Services reveals findings of its recent Big Data study, which sheds light on the current state of the marketplace, spend and ROI, collaboration and more.

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Cloud Infrastructure ROI

Shmuel KligerWhat strategies ensure lower TCO for first-time cloud buyers and what specific criteria should they seek when considering cloud providers? VMTurbo’s CTO and founder discusses trends in cloud infrastructure strategies and how to achieve greater value from infrastructure investments in internal clouds.

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SaaS Ecosystem

Robert FoxAs adoption of SaaS APIs and third-party integrators accelerates growth of the ecosystem of interconnected services and applications, how can IT teams deal with an expanding pool of challenges associated with data locality and shared services? Liaison Technologies shares advice for SaaS vendors.

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Moving to Cloud ERP

Stewart FlorsheimIs it time to consider moving your ERP to the cloud to make sure your company has the flexibility it needs to stay ahead? The VP of Marketing of Kenandy, Inc. discusses the important advantages of cloud ERP systems over on-site ERP systems, including agility and savings in total cost of ownership.

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SaaS Cust Success Mgt

Jeff KaplanWho is responsible for customer success within SaaS companies? What are the right software solutions to monitor and manage this function? The managing director of THINKstrategies discusses “customer success management” (CSM) solutions offered by a new set of SaaS vendors.

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May M&A Report

Merhers and AcquisitionsWhat are the software merger/acquisition trends? Download the May monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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