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27 FEBRUARY 2013
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Big Data & SW Pricing

Dhaval MoogimaneA lack of insight on how products are used after they are sold often hinders software executives from pricing on-premises software on value delivered. Waterstone Management Group explains how SaaS products can give access to customer and product data that makes such insight possible.

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M&A and MDM Strategy

Robert FoxWith an optimistic outlook for M&A activity in 2013, how can dealmakers find ways to expedite successful transaction outcomes and reduce risk? Liaison Technologies explains why MDM should not be underestimated as an enabler for success in the M&A process and offers a five-phase strategy.

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BI Software Startup

Sanjay MehtaHow can you democratize BI, taking it from a few expert users to the operational managers and from frontline executives to the back-office team? MAIA Intelligence’s CEO discusses the benefits of its BI software product and the importance of customer feedback in developing a market-leading product.

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Startup Funding Success

John CowanNew Relic, first funded in 2008 on the bet that measuring application performance would become important to users architecting software for cloud computing, recently raised $80 million in financing. 6fusion’s CEO brings four lessons from this success story for every entrepreneur.

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Interpreting SaaS COCA

Lauren KelleyCost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) is one of the most critical SaaS metrics in determining whether a SaaS business is building a profitable business or not. But COCA is important relative to other metrics. Here’s what the OPEXEngine benchmarking reveals.

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Notable Quote

question mark iconWho said: “In the startup community, they’re on an emotional high from having killed SOPA and PIPA.  One thing they don’t understand...”

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Three Must-Reads for Software Company Execs


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