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28 November 2012
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Bessemer: 2013 SW Market

Byron DeeterWhat does 2013 hold for the software market? Bessemer Venture Partners discusses why this is a unique time in history for software entrepreneurs, companies and investors and talks about the current land-grab market opportunity around cloud that is at least a once-in-a-decade phenomenon.

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Software Project Killers

PAUL GIURATAIn Software Project Killers Part 1, Catalyst Resources described three risk factors for software projects. Part 2 looks at four factors that hinder projects and discusses assessing how to address them in current and upcoming projects.

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2013 Winning SW Startups

2013 Winning SW StartupsWho will be the young software players and startups to watch in 2013, and why? We recently asked this question of our industry observers and received a variety of predictions.

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Software Change Catalysts

Software Change CatalystsSeveral events in the software world during 2012 will have a notable impact on the industry for years to come, according to SandHill’s industry observers. Some are striking enough to deserve an award.

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Software Game Changer

Software Game ChangerWhat’s the next game-changer that will cause a big shift in the software vendor landscape? Predictions differ among Sandhill’s industry observers.

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Shrinking Sales Gap Cost

Jeff KaplanJeff Kaplan’s latest blog, “Why the Cost of Sales Gap is Shrinking between SaaS and Legacy Software Vendors,” discusses why many vendors offering enterprise SaaS solutions are seeing sales costs rise, raising questions about the SaaS model profitability compared with its on-premises predecessor.

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New White Paper: Anticipate, Simplify, Learn: A Proactive Framework for Intuitive Customer Care


This white paper explores how consumer behavior is changing and lays out a plan organizations can use to better understand how and why customers contact them. It shows how contact centers can apply “Anticipate, Simplify, Learn” as a framework to help achieve significantly better business and customer satisfaction outcomes.

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ServiceSourceThe new year is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the business. December is the time to evaluate the past year’s performance and identify new ways to improve the bottom line. Sales organizations tend to devote more time selling to new customers, so many companies neglect the high-value renewal of business with their existing customers.  The recurring revenue generated from SaaS-based subscriptions, maintenance and support contracts can represent anywhere from 30% to upwards of 50% of many companies’ total revenue. These revenues are also more cost-effective as it typically costs seven times less to retain an existing customer than it does to procure a new one. According to Ovum, these recurring revenue streams are typically high margin and offer "easy money." Gartner echoes this sentiment and recognizes the need for a recurring revenue management strategy as a way to meet and exceed revenue targets. A recipient of this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award, ServiceSource helps leading hardware, software, healthcare and life sciences companies increase recurring revenue. Their new solution, Renew OnDemand™, is the industry's only cloud application built specifically to maximize recurring revenue.