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09 January 2013
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Race to Market Advice

Steve PogorzelskiIn today’s startup world, everyone races to go to market as quickly as possible to beat the competition and maximize profits. But how do you really knwow if you’re ready to go to market? The former president and CEO of ClickFuel provides seven tips to avoid pitfalls.

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VNA Data Protection

Jim BeagleIn most healthcare organizations, DICOM images and other critical healthcare data remain vulnerable to loss and corruption even when residing in VNA repositories, but what is the solution? The CEO of BridgeHead Software offers an approach to VNA based on a solid foundation of data protection.

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Small Biz CRM & Proj Mgmt

Anthony SmithSmall businesses often don’t have the necessary tools for CRM and project management. What if a solution provided both as well as the ability to track all customer interactions from any device, anytime, anywhere? Insightly’s CEO talks about combining the two spaces and shares tips for startups.

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January M&A Report

Software M&AWhat are the software merger/acquisition trends? Download the January monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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New White Paper: Five Integration Imperatives that will Make or Break a SW MA Transaction


This Waterstone Management Group white paper discusses five integration imperatives that every software executive and investor should be thinking about, as they can easily make or break a software M&A transaction. Following these integration imperatives will allow software executives to proactively manage an M&A integration plan that is aligned with the transaction rationale, enables revenue growth, and maintains critical human capital.

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