Editor’s Top 10 Picks for 2015

The Big Bifurcation Battle – CIO Winners and Losers in 2015 and How to Land on the Winning Side  

Customer Success: The Time to Act Is Now 

SAP Nation – an Empire in Disarray  

The African Lions: Moving Ethiopia into the 21st Century 

Dresner’s Point: In Business Intelligence, Trust is an Elephant in the Room  

Who Has a Copy of Your Software? 

Top Five Things to Look For in the Next Disruptive Enterprise Technology  

How Long Data Should be Kept in Warehouses: Two Sides of “Indefinite” Retention 

Security of IoT and Wearable Devices: Conversation with Tim Hahn, Chief Architect, IoT Security, IBM  

Activist Investors, Venture Capitalists and Other Gamblers 


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