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13 FEBRUARY 2013
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95% Customer Retention

Paul ResslerHow has SaaS Domain Name System (DNS) provider Dyn managed to have a customer-retention rate of 95 percent and an upsell rate of 24 percent? The Cirrostratus Group says the company is a great example of how to use data and offers four keys to success as a cloud services provider.

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User Experience Design

Paul GiurataWhen you think of User Experience (UX) Design, do you associate it more closely with an art studio or bioscience laboratory?  Catalyst Resources’ managing director shares why there needs to be more science than art for a significant UX investment to make sense.

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CIO Role Changing

Scott GuelichHP Enterprise Services’ senior vice president says that in 2013, the meaning of the “I” in “CIO” will be replaced with four other designations. He talks about those responsibilities and describes a crucial differentiating characteristic among outsourcing service providers.

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Notable Quote

question mark iconWho said: “After a few years of belt tightening, re-structuring, and perhaps even some product innovation... Dell will emerge again, smelling of...”

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