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July 7, 2008

Bob Calderoni

A Checklist for Change

After morphing Ariba’s on-premise business to an on-demand model, the CEO shares strategies for overcoming skepticism and resistance in order to put a company on a new and exciting path to success, whatever it may be.

By Bob Calderoni, Ariba

When the tech bubble burst, Ariba, like many companies, was in a bit of turmoil. It was very clear that if and when the market rebounded, a new way of doing business would be required. Companies would ultimately demand greater flexibility in the way they purchase and deploy software. And if we were to emerge from the downturn, we had to be able to deliver that. It wasn’t going to be easy – wholesale change never is. But as we saw it, we had no choice. On-demand was not only the future of software, but of Ariba.

In 2005, Ariba, Inc. launched an aggressive plan to transform itself from a traditional licensed software company to an on-demand provider. No company its size had ever willfully given up the addiction to license revenue and survived. But many companies today are at a similar crossroads and must make the tough decisions that can make or break their business.


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The BEA Roadmap Revealed

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The Right Way to Test Software

Savvy vendors manage the cost and risks associated with software testing even as they keep their client’s goals in mind. Shanthi Sridhar of Cognizant Technology Solutions explains why pre-production testing is essential and offers a framework for testing best practices in this post to the Blog, Enabling Innovation.

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The Next Step in Open Innovation

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News Update: Anti-Independence Day

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Parting Thought

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”
— Confucius

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group



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