The Growing Use of Debt in Technology Companies

Gaurav Bhasin , Managing Director - Allied Advisers

While debt providers do not get the same level of press coverage or recognition from founders and management teams as venture equity, they can be an attractive source of growth capital for technology companies.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Divanny Lamas, CEO, Transposit

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

Starting her career at Google and as an early product manager at Splunk, Divanny witnessed firsthand the rise of big data and automation. Now, as CEO of Transposit, Divanny shares how "human-in-the-loop approach" to automation is providing a platform for engineers to solve their most complex problems.

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Can M&A and Investments Be done 100% Virtually in Covid-19?

Gaurav Bhasin , Managing Director - Allied Advisers

A good portion of buyers and investors were not sure about how they could do M&A or Investments if F2F meetings were not possible. However, M&A and Investments still happened for companies in sectors which were COVID-19 beneficiaries or mission-critical.


Mumbai-based enterprise offers family care during COVID.

Mahendra Ramsinghani, Author

On the board of Mumbai- based, My Family Care India, investor and author, Mahendra Ramsinghani shares the kindness behind the platform and how they are helping provide remote on-demand services for family members in India, while living abroad.


The difference between birthrates following 9/11 and COVID: An Economic Outlook

Clare Christopher, Editor -

The last time the world was unified in unprecedented tragedy was September 11, 2001. It rocked the world causing a spike in birth rates and corresponding economic shifts. Now, with another unprecedented time ahead of us, economists look at how birth rates following COVID-19 will impact the economy in the coming decades.