Why Innovation Leaders Should Ditch PowerPoint and Excel

Peter Bryant, Managing Partner - Clareo

Studies show that employees at large companies spend up to 20 hours per month building slides. Nearly 40% of that time is spent on just formatting issues. Today’s business environment has no room for this kind of friction and inefficiency – especially in innovation programs.


Orphaned Volumes and Snapshots – A $2.6 Billion Problem

Katy Stalcup, \Director of Marketing - ParkMyCloud

What is an orphaned resource? ..Whether an organization is aware these remain in their cloud environment or not, they can continue to incur costs, wasting money and driving up their cloud bill.

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Quick Answers to Quick Questions: Abhishek Pani, SVP Product Management, Bright Machines

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

If the world of manufacturing is one that you pay attention to, Abhishek Pani's educated and deep understanding of what this side of the industry will look like post-pandemic, this is the conversation for you. 

Climate Change Think Tank: Pull up a frontrow seat.

Clare Christopher, Editor - SandHill.com


The Growing Use of Debt in Technology Companies

Gaurav Bhasin , Managing Director - Allied Advisers

While debt providers do not get the same level of press coverage or recognition from founders and management teams as venture equity, they can be an attractive source of growth capital for technology companies.