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28 FEBRUARY 2012
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Sales & Marketing Bruce LaFetra
Five Ways Customers Can Help You Build a Better Whole Product Offering

By Bruce LaFetra, LaFetra Consulting

Are you encountering sales and marketing obstacles because of rapid software development leveling your playing field? Are your customers looking to your sales rep more as a configurator than an advisor, with your customer wanting to control the process? You need to adopt a new approach. Here’s how to embrace your customers so your company can thrive in a more competitive, service-oriented market.

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Regev Yativ Mobile
Enterprise Mobile Mashups: Access Any System from Any Device at Anytime

By Regev Yativ, president and CEO, Magic Software Enterprises Americas

Is your company struggling to find ways to facilitate information access for mobile users – especially when the data is housed in legacy systems? Are you struggling to present information in a great user experience – regardless of the mobile user’s preferred device or operating system? Mobile mashups are the answer. Learn why enterprise IT needs to adopt mobile mashups along with tips for embarking on your mobile mashup project.

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Manuel Cubillo Arias Offshoring & Outsourcing
Integration of Distributed QA Teams in Agile

By Manuel Cubillo Arias, Quality Assurance Lead, Avantica Technologies

Frequently, companies identify close, even intense, collaboration as the key to success on Agile software development projects. But successful collaboration doesn’t depend on having all the team members in the same location. The reality is that geographically distributed QA teams collaborating on an Agile-based project can perform just as well as those within a single location – or even better. Here’s what you need to know about having the right combination of processes, tools and experience in place to address the complexities and optimize your outcomes.

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M. M. Sathyanarayan Offshoring & Outsourcing
Managing Offshore Outsourcing: Conducting a Relationship Health Check

By M. M. Sathyanarayan, President, Global Development Consulting, Inc.

A company was faced with a management challenge. They had been offshoring for the past few years. In the early stages things seemed to go well, but in the recent past they encountered several issues and many in middle management felt that this whole idea of offshoring was not working. It was simply taking too much management time, was not saving the company any money and in fact it was a bad idea.

If your company has been outsourcing offshore for a while, your experience is probably similar. This article explains the reasons why this happens and how you can assure continued success in your outsourcing relationship.

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