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31 JANUARY 2012
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Leadership Robert J. Farrell
How to Become an Exceptional CEO

By Robert J. Farrell, CEO and President of EDGAR Online

The secret to exceptional results as a CEO is that there are no secrets. Leading a company well doesn’t come from secrets, and magic tricks can’t get you there. But there are five guidelines that are helpful to any CEO wanting to lead an exceptional organization.

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Rick Bennett Sales & Marketing
Pattern Based Analytics Could Save a World Drowning in Data

By Rick Bennett

How would you answer this question: How does a new analytics technology make it in a market flooded with weekly announcements from other companies with analytics technologies, all chasing major corporations as customers? Here’s how one company succeeded in this challenge.

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Jay Litkey Leadership
Success Comes From Equal Parts of Innovation and Relevance

By Jay Litkey, CEO, Embotics

It takes more than innovation to win. How does your company ensure it has the right product/service idea – at the right time and in the right market? Here’s how to ensure your company doesn’t torpedo its innovation efforts.

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Three Things You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Keys to Optimizing Recurring Revenue - Webcast

A recurring revenue model offers tremendous benefits to software companies and is the basis for cloud-based providers. But this model also has challenges with regard to revenue recognition and renewals management. In this recorded webcast you will learn about the five keys to ensure success with a recurring revenue model.

Why are Finance Organizations Upgrading to Cloud Financials?

More and more finance leaders are realizing the benefits cloud-based financials provide their organization - increased visibility, flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions, as well as substantial cost savings. This Strategic Finance feature article by NetSuite CFO Ron Gill explains why companies are upgrading from on-premise ERP to the cloud.


How NetSuite Helps High-Growth Software Companies Run better – eBook

Rapid growth software companies are faced with unique challenges with regard to scaling effectively. Often they find themselves quickly outgrowing their point solutions as their business becomes more and more complex. This new eBook showcases how NetSuite enables software companies to succeed in today’s marketplace.
Kathleen Goolsby Leadership
Finding Workers with the Right Skills for Today’s Modular Work Environment

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

The fastest-growing trends in the labor market today are the flexible workforce and the employer-independent worker dynamic. The companies that adapt to these new realities will be in a stronger position to succeed – and this article explains what you need to know.

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