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May 19, 2010

Greg Gianforte5 Tips for Delivering True Business Value

Traditional software strategies don’t work in the new world of customer empowerment. Here’s what needs to change.

By Greg Gianforte, RightNow

Since the beginning, “Customer is King” has been the motto for customer service, but too often software companies take a very self-centered approach to engaging with their clients. What can I offer them? Rather then what do they need. How do I want to work with them? Rather then how do they want to work with me. If something goes wrong, do you look to place blame or automatically think about how you can learn from the situation?

The key to great customer experience is fostering a long lasting relationship built on trust and delivering true business value to your clients. Here’s how.


Software Executive Networking Dinner:
“Achieving Technology Leadership in the Cloud”

Join a select group of your peers for an evening of networking and discussions on “Cloud Implications for ISVs and Software Centric Organizations” taking place Wednesday, May 26 at 6:00pm at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, Calif. You’ll gain the cloud vendor’s perspective from StorSimple’s Founder and CEO, Ursheet Parikh as well as valuable takeaways from the “Leaders in the Cloud” report’s authors, M.R. Rangaswami and Kamesh Pemmaraju of Sand Hill Group. Click here to register now for this don't-miss event sponsored by Ness.

Leveraging E2.0 to Accelerate Business Performance

Oliver Marks and Sameer Patel

Oliver Marks and Sameer Patel of the Sovos Group examine how to orchestrate greater value from the combination of ERP and E2.0 systems in this post to the Blog on Enterprise 2.0.

Revenue Recognition: What Really Matters

Jeremy Aber

Jeremy Aber of Aber Law Firm shares a legal perspective on the five most important aspects of revenue recognition in this post to the Blog on operations best practices.

A Closer Look at Storage-as-a-Service

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju analyzes the latest news, and the opportunities and challenges of storage-as-a-service in this post from his weekly blog, Leaders in the Cloud.

Lead Your Company to Growth in 2010

A total of 42 percent of software CEOs say their company’s revenue will increase at least 30 percent this year. How will you guide your company to economic recovery?

“Software CEO Outlook 2010: New Decade, New Realities” compiles the insight of more than 100 software executives on the business models that will drive growth, the goals for 2010, the challenges on the horizon and the latest best practices being used to run fast-growth enterprises. Click here to buy the report and get the must-know details on how best to position your company for a big year.

DON'T MISS: Five Forces Reshaping the Global Economy

The core drivers of globalization are alive and well, but executives are still grappling with how to seize the opportunities of an interlinked world economy. Read the results of a new McKinsey Global Survey in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

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  1. Microsoft sues for infringing software patents (BusinessWeek)
  2. Sybase shareholder sues to block SAP bid (BusinessWeek)
  3. Q&A with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (Reuters)
  4. Adobe fires back at Apple with letter on ‘open markets’ (LA Times)
  5. IBM to spend $20 billion on takeovers through 2015 (BusinessWeek)

The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: IBM to hire 800 for Missouri center.

VC Activity: Cloud9 Analytics receives $8 million.

M&A Deals: RedPrairie Holding Acquires SmartTurn.

Executive Moves: Alfresco named Barry Duplantis VP of Customer Services.

Quote of the Week

“Unless I start sailing much more than I do now, I have no plans to retire. They may kick me out, but I have no plans to retire.”

- Larry Ellison on how much longer he will remain CEO of Oracle

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