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March 30, 2010

Umberto Milletti5 Steps to Drive Sales with Social Media

Improve effectiveness and results by equipping your sales and marketing team with social media tools that engage today’s smarter, busier ”Customer 2.0.”

By Umberto Milletti, InsideView

Your company, like most, is probably looking for ways to increase top-line revenue growth. However, with lengthening sales cycles, smaller budgets, difficulty in gaining access to on-the-go decision makers and turbulent buying processes thanks to organizational change, identifying and closing sales opportunities has become significantly more challenging.

The good news? Social media is democratizing the world of marketing intelligence. Here are five steps to help your sales organization leverage the power of social media to more effectively sell to today’s “Customer 2.0.”


Learn from “Leaders in the Cloud”

Leaders in the Cloud Report

Sand Hill Group’s new research report delves into the most critical issue impacting cloud computing: business value. “Leaders in the Cloud” surveyed more than 500 IT executives and conducted forty in-depth interviews with CIOs and industry experts in order to compile the latest cloud insight and implications for enterprise customers and software vendors. Click here to find out more and buy the report.

Moving Beyond Phone Support

Lee Weiner

Lee Weiner of LogMeIn explores why legacy support tools are inadequate and what’s needed for a leading-edge remote support tool today in this post to the Blog on service and support best practices.

Strategy Matters: Successfully Transitioning from B2C to B2B

Gannon Hall

Kyte’s chief operating officer Gannon Hall shares best practices from his experience transforming the video platform vendor from a consumer, Web 2.0 player to a more compelling and higher-valuation B2B model. Learn more in this post to the Blog, Strategy Matters, and link to a new podcast of the entire interview.

Is the U.S. Losing its Innovative Edge?

Sumit Data of HCL Technologies looks at recent anecdotal evidence and wonders if America’s reputation as the global innovation leader will soon be lost. What do you think? Find out more in this post to the Blog on innovation strategies.

The Changing Role of the CIO and Her Team

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju examines how cloud computing will impact the role of the CIO and the IT organization in this post to his Blog, Leaders in the Cloud.

Using IT to Enable a Lean Transformation

Senior leaders can play an important role in assembling a lean program by involving the CIO more closely in designing and executing the transformation. Read how in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Can Social Media Drive Sales?

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  2. Red Hat quarterly profit, sales increase (MarketWatch)
  3. Oracle adopts “all or nothing” support policy (Computerworld)
  4. India is still the top offshoring site: Gartner (NetworkWorld)
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The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: IDC says business spending on SOA to grow 25 percent in next three years.

VC Activity: Virtualization vendor Akorri received $10 million.

M&A Deals: Research in Motion buys mobile software developer Viigo.

Executive Moves: eMeter named Gary Bloom CEO.

Quote of the Week

“Every quarter we grab huge chunks of market share from SAP. SAP’s most recent quarter was the best quarter of their year, only down 15%, while Oracle’s application sales were up 21%. But SAP is well ahead of us in the number of CEOs for this year, announcing their third and fourth, while we only had one.”

- CEO Larry Ellison on Oracle’s fiscal third quarter earnings compared to recent results for SAP

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