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October 23, 2006

Sohaib Abbasi

5 Steps to a Business Turnaround

Here is how Informatica turned around its business to become a category leader delivering record results.

By Sohaib Abbasi, Informatica

After impressive growth in the early years, Informaticaís business reached a plateau in 2001. Growth remained elusive, despite attempts to pursue new markets.

Shortly after I joined Informatica in July 2004, we refocused the company on our core market. We defined a five-step plan for the business turnaround. By executing on this plan, we achieved record financial results: significantly growing both revenue and operating income.


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Lobbying for Adult Supervision

With all the talk of corporate misbehavior these days, many are searching for a cause. Tony Baer of onStrategies takes a closer look at one reason ñ lack of good project management ñ in this weekís post to the Blog on Software Intrigue.

Learn from Erikís Mistakes

It is understandable for large, established vendors to question the capabilities of smaller ones. But Erik Keller of Wapiti urges caution. In this weekís post to his Blog, The Software Critic, Erik illustrates the ìLove ëem or Leave ëemî matrix of enterprise software vendors which shows the ìfunî aspect of some smaller vendors.

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To 12,000 and Beyond

IBM, Google, Wipro and TCS report strong quarters while others werenít as lucky. Open Solutions goes private, Microsoft extends a hand and Sarbanes-Oxley is good? Read these stories and more software news of the week in the news summary.

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Many companies put off the decision to exit a failing business for too long largely because of psychological reasons. Learn how to recognize these biases and how to create mechanisms that push tough decisions forward in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

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