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12 OCTOBER 2011
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Is Your Company Ready to Move to the Private Cloud?

By Jason Cowie, VP Product Management, Embotics

The latest advent of cloud computing in the market is both exciting and scary for organizations. It promises to deliver on-demand resources, but your readiness for the cloud is directly related to how well your virtual data center is automated and managed. The more effective you are at managing and automating, the easier your journey to the cloud will be.

If you are like most companies, you are leveraging server virtualization in your data center. Categorizing an organization’s readiness to move to the private cloud frequently begins with the tactical use of virtualization.

This article describes three stages involved in moving to a private cloud. Wondering which stage your organization is in? Here are the checkpoints and indicators for each stage along with a discussion of what you’ll need to accomplish before moving to the next stage.

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The Art of Enterprise Agility: Scale Up, Ramp Down with a Software Appliance

By Sabine Soellheim, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, SUSE

There’s much discussion about agility in the enterprise software space. Sales need to be fast, development cycles need to be short and companies need to create revenue quickly to secure cash in uncertain economic times. The tight sales environment is the same this year as in other recent market cycles, but the tools have changed.

One solution for efficient and cost-effective application deployment is a software appliance. An appliance is a pre-configured combination of an application, middleware and operating system integrated into a single image and tailored to run on industry-standard hardware. Not only are software appliances revolutionizing the way software is packaged and delivered, they are the quickest path to reducing sales friction and accelerating the time-to-value.

More importantly, appliances also open new market opportunities for companies looking to embrace the benefits of cloud computing. With an appliance, ISVs can build fast, agile and flexible applications that they can quickly move to private or public clouds.

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Big Data
Report Analytics: Complementing Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Business Decisions

By Michael Morrison, President & CEO, Datawatch

In an effort to make more informed business decisions, many organizations have turned to Business Intelligence (BI) solutions as a way to mine data for both reporting and forecasting purposes and to address increasing business issues.

Unfortunately, BI alone is not always the answer. Failure rates hover between 50-70 percent. For many day-to-day reporting tasks, BI solutions’ sophisticated functionality is overly complex. For tasks like these, business users and self-service “data consumers” may find the technical challenges of BI a deterrent.

The ease-of-use challenge is driving the emergence of a new category of solutions within the BI market, which industry analysts refer to as Report Analytics.
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Sales & Marketing

By Jeff Ogden, Find New Customers

Today we have a surplus of “similar” companies, employing “similar” people, with “similar” backgrounds, coming up with “similar” ideas, producing “similar” things, with “similar” quality, and “similar” pricing.

Think you have a superior product? Your head of development might swear to it, but chances are to the untrained eye, the buyer cannot see the difference. The effect on your business is profound. Here’s how my company is helping a client differentiate their software offering.
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