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March 25, 2015
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Sand Hill’s 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters

Shirish Netke

Shirish Netke
President and CEO
Amberoon Inc.

Venture capitalists have created the foundation for innovative disruption with an investment of $667 million to date in Bitcoin-related companies. Entrepreneurs worldwide are creating the Bitcoin monetary ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, it will have its share of winners and losers. The Sand Hill 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters represent the first wave of companies leveraging blockchain-related technologies that will play a pivotal role in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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The Art of Becoming a
C-Suite CIO

Ashwin Rangan

Ashwin Rangan
Chief Innovation Officer & CIO

In this article three experts discuss when mPayment technologies will move from their current niche status to mainstream adoption and the biggest factor holding back greater adoption.

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Corporate IT Tips for Successful IoT Projects

Peter Thorne

Peter Thorne
Managing Director

Although it currently has high visibility, the Internet of Things needs identifiable, down-to-earth use cases and opportunities. This article presents several examples highlighting the value of the business know-how of corporate IT for successful IoT projects and offers four tips for IT teams.

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Mobile First Strategy for Business App Development

Ahmet Tuncay

Ahmet Tuncay

Mobility can improve business processes when delivered with the right productivity tools and security measures. So, isn’t it time that the applications we use on our smartphones and tables consider mobility first? Here are four functionalities that put mobility first in order to drive productivity.

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What to Do About Mobile Apps Adware

TK Keanini

TK Keanini

Read a real-world example of how a commoditized products company created a competitive advantage and new value by launching an IoT service leveraging the cloud.

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Billing Innovators SummitBilling Innovators Summit West 2015
RE>Think 2015

SandHill is proud to be a sponsor of this MGI Research event on April 29 at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. Use promo code SandhillLeader for a 10 percent discount on tickets.
The only independently organized conference solely focused on billing and finance solutions, this event will deliver high quality, actionable insights to help business, finance and IT executives understand the risks, rewards and opportunities of re-engineering their processes/systems today.
Topics will include:

  • How leading companies are addressing the need for agile finance and billing solutions
  • The latest on pricing innovations
  • New approaches to using pricing to increase customer retention and grow marketshare
  • Risks, rewards and realities of implementing and managing next generation billing and finance solutions

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Executive Briefing


Mobile Payments Security in Western EuropeMobile Payments Security in Western Europe: Impact of Mobile Payments Security on Profits, Reputation and Customer Loyalty

In this white paper Omlis identifies key issues present in the Western European financial industry’s approach to sustaining profitability and customer loyalty through mobile and other digital offerings. As consumers call for faster, more convenient services, focus is shifting towards mobile solutions. Financial institutions facilitating this increase in demand for instant and direct digital services must meet the need for more payment options while reducing costs, increasing profits and retaining loyalty. Current mobile banking solutions offer convenience and speed, but at what cost to the bank and the consumer? This slow uptake by established banks has led to the emergence of disruptive new startups within the financial sector. This paper includes three case studies displaying the diverse banking options becoming available to Western Europeans.

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