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June 8, 2011

Hank Jones$1,000,000,000 Battle Bedevils IBM: Lessons from Start-Up Software Licensing Lawsuit over Code, IP, and Contracts

A big-bucks lawsuit between IBM and NEON Enterprise Software that ended only days ago offers actionable lessons for strategy, product design, product development, launches, marketing, licensing, compliance, and exit events.

By Hank Jones, Law Office of Henry W. Jones, III

How can software executives, investors, salespeople, and customers test and improve their assumptions and decisions?

An additional competitive resource is the artifacts created by other companies in their litigations. The include product development details, pricing, sales contracts, and “confidential” e-mails. Lawsuit pleadings are a unique corporate and career resource. They deliver robust case studies of “train-wreck” software business situations. Studying lawsuits can save serious screw-ups in several segments of your business.

Over $1,000,000,000 depended on a recent lawsuit in Austin, Texas between NEON Enterprise Software and IBM. What are its facts and lessons?

NEON built and in mid-2009 began pitching “zPrime” software. It enabled IBM z series mainframe users to offload processing workloads to cheaper processors – contrary to IBM’s business model and customer contracts. Both software and hardware IBM sales were threatened. IBM questioned both (a) NEON’s selling as inducing customer violations of IBM software licenses and (b) zPrime’s intellectual property (IP) propriety.

NEON sued Big Blue, asserting antitrust and other claims. And it sought a ruling that IBM’s in-field licenses failed to preclude prospects from picking up NEON’s new program.


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