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October 2 , 2006

Tayloe Stansbury

10 Tips for Evolutionary Success

Pioneering a market segment and then sustaining category leadership throughout years of industry advances takes courage and determination.

By Tayloe Stansbury, Ariba

Weíre ten years old ñ but we feel much older.

At Ariba, weíve had several lifetimes-worth of experience. As a dotcom era pioneer, we helped establish the importance of the business-to-business space. As the ìbubbleî burst, we moved quickly to consolidate our offerings based on our core competencies. And as the next-generation of enterprise software models and technologies dawns, Ariba has evolved yet again to best serve our customers evolving needs.

Staying relevant and retaining leadership during this tumultuous decade did not happen by accident. There are countless executives who engineered changes across the company. The best practices which ensured Aribaís success may provide other established vendors with strategies for navigating the rapidly evolving realm of enterprise software.


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Superman as Product Manager

Everyone knows that CEOs have a difficult job. But product managers rate a close second, according to Nilofer Merchant of Rubicon Consulting. Read Nilofer's analysis of why product management is so critical and how the best product managers get it right in this week's post to the Blog on Sales & Marketing.

The CIO Splits: The CPIO and CITO

As Vinnie Mirchandani expained in last weekís oped, CIOs today struggle to innovate with the litany of demands placed upon them. Philip Lay of TCG Advisors explains the benefits of splitting the CIOís job into two separate positions to tackle both business process innovation and technology advances in this weekís post to the Blog on Innovation Strategies.

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Offshore on Stage

Big gains in domestic software employment balance a mixed week for offshoring news; plus, Forrester picks TCS, analysts pick on Accenture, and experts pick the future trends for the Internet, SaaS and SOX. Read these stories and more software news of the week in the news summary.

Becoming an Adaptable Corporation

To survive, organizations must execute in the present and adapt to the future. Few of them manage to do both well. Read more on executing vs. adapting and how to create an adaptive social architecture in this this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

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ñJack Welch

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