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Q&A with GlassHouse Technologies on Achieving ROI When Migrating to the Cloud

Ken Copas, Cloud Services Director - GlassHouse Technologies

This article gives advice on deploying to the cloud, informs on cloud trends and predicts the future of the cloud vendor landscape.

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How ActiveState’s Stackato Private PaaS Enables Agility in Enterprises

Bart Copeland, President and CEO - ActiveState Software

This article reveals how to empower DevOps to accelerate aligning development, deployment, staging and production teams to focus on innovation. It also discusses the cloud’s future.

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Embrane Solutions Solve the Cloud’s Bottleneck for Greater Agility

John Vincenzo, VP, Marketing - Embrane

Cloud computing has evolved during the past year, but to truly benefit from its promise of faster time to service, some infrastructure changes need to occur. This article discusses the latest cloud trends and the cloud’s future.

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Conversation with eZuce on Open Source Trends in Communications and Collaboration

Martin Steinmann , CEO, Founder - eZuce

The founder of eZuce and SIPfoundry shares his perspectives on virtualization, collaboration software and the latest open-source trends.

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Is the Private Cloud Market Already a Red Ocean?

John Cowan, Co-Founder, CEO - 6fusion

The private cloud market has sprung up almost overnight with countless competitors. Will they be market disruptors? Here’s the analysis.