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Enterprise Search Capability for your SaaS Application

Paul Ressler, Principal - Cirrostratus Group

Here are some strategic options and considerations for SaaS providers addressing enterprise search capability needs.

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Q&A with OpenGamma on Risk-Analytics Solutions for Financial Institutions

Kirk Wylie, Chairman, Co-Founder - OpenGamma

Here’s an open source, transparent system for real-time risk management and analytics for financial institutions.

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Mimecast Touts Smarter, More Secure Email Services

Justin Pirie, Cloud and Email Strategist - Mimecast

Email has become the backbone of internal and external collaboration. This cloud-based email solution gives customers the capability to integrate with existing technologies, on-premises, hosted or cloud.

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Social Analytics and Intelligence: More than Just Social Monitoring Tools

Leslie Ament, SVP of Research, Principal Analyst - Hypatia Research Group

This article from Hypatia reveals study insights including important metrics for measuring the effectiveness of social media analytics efforts and actions planned to circumvent metrics and ROI challenges.

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Q&A with VMTurbo on Achieving Greater Value in Cloud Infrastructure Environments

Shmuel Kliger, CTO, Founder - VMTurbo

Managing virtual data centers in a cloud provider’s environment is complex. Here’s a control system with a different method for operating workloads and data center and cloud infrastructure.