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Hybrid or Native Mobile App Development: Six Key Considerations

Erick Vargas, Software Architect - Avantica Technologies

Should mobile app developers go native or use a hybrid approach that accommodates the different mobile platforms they want to target?

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Five Tactics for Building a Successful Healthcare IT Outsourcing Relationship

Andriy Shapochka, Principal Software Architect - SoftServe Inc.

Use these decision tactics, provider-selection criteria and planning activities to ensure greater return from outsourcing healthcare IT.

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DreamHammer's Ballista Innovation for Robots and Drones is a Game-Changer for Businesses

Nelson Paez, Founder, CEO - DreamHammer

This software platform is the world’s first integrated control of disparate robot and unmanned systems. Also discussed: must-haves for disruptive innovation.

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Qualitia’s Scriptless Software Test Automation Accelerates Time to Market

Rahul Chaudhari, Managing Director, CEO - Qualitia

This “scriptless” software test automation platform eliminates programming as required by conventional automated testing. Thus it brings test automation close to an organization’s QA team, subject-matter experts and manual testers.

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Four Keys to Disruptive Innovation in the $3 Trillion Market for Enterprise Technology

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

It’s difficult for software startups and established companies to upend market leaders. Here are the essential components enabling one company to succeed with disruptive innovation.