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How to Win the Software Bake-Off

The “Cupcake Wars” TV show pits four bakers in a head-to-head contest for a client event. What do cupcakes have to do with your IT sales and marketing? Everything.

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Winning Moves of Software Leaders in 2011

Industry observers and experts share their opinions on what software companies' game-changing moves from 2011 that will have the most impact in 2012.

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Product, Solution or Value - You Decide!

A sales team has learned that three prospects are in immediate need of tools for a critical building project. It’s been some time since such an opportunity has been available, and the sales team springs into action with three different strategies.

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The Spotlight of Enterprise App Stores Can Help Fight Growing Shadow IT

Constrained IT budgets resulted in a backlog of projects, propelling business units to work outside the system, which caused "Shadow IT." Fueling the rogue spending is the ease of procuring SaaS and the proliferation of mobile devices.

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