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Software in an Age of "AND not OR"

A look at the most dynamic companies in the business world today — Google, GE, BASF — reveals a common denominator: none are specialists. All excel in a variety of fields and combine this expertise to innovate new market opportunities and a competitive advantage. IT and innovation expert Vinnie Mirchandani explores the advantages of these companies in his new book, The New Polymath. The good news? He says all software companies have an opportunity to become Polymaths — or to become valued partners to these leading organizations. SandHill.com recently caught up with Mirchandani to discuss the themes of the book and his advice for software companies on how to be a part of the Polymath phenomenon.

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Alarming IT Data Points

I am grateful for the plenty of positive coverage my book, The New Polymath, has received. The coverage though, has focused mostly on all the innovators I profile in the book, which isn't surprising because the vast majority of the book focuses on innovations. But the small slice of the book that is negative contains alarming IT data points and trends I believe deserve attention on their own.

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