How Lopsided Agility Ruins Companies

Baba Prasad, Business Strategy & Innovation Expert

An excerpt from the new book, Nimble: Make Yourself and your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change, shows how Groupon’s lack of visionary agility damaged its long-term prospects.

Show Us the Money: 2017 Software Deal Flow

Clare Christopher, Editor -

PitchBook’s latest VC and M&A data show the continued strength of the software and tech investments today.

Six Growing Pains All Startups Will Face

Henrik Landgren, Analytics Partner and Investment Advisor - EQT Ventures

One of Spotify’s early strategic directors shares learnings about the daily challenges and how to overcome them.

Driving Innovation with Product Development Partnerships

Mike Wynholds, CEO - Carbon Five

The right strategic partner can jumpstart the innovation process and create a foundation for long-term success.

Author user photo

M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Mårten Mickos, HackerOne

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

The serial software CEO explains why evangelizing hacker-powered cybersecurity and leading a high-growth, values-driven company is familiar territory for the open source pioneer.