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It’s high time we build border technology, not walls

Steve Maloney, EVP of Business Development & Strategy - Acuant

This article predicts a significant push for measurable progress on border security in 2017 and discusses effective measures the government could take powered by big data.

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Impact of standardized APIs on the enterprise

Andy Beier, Director of Engineering - Domo

One of the most crucial tools for leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and business applications is the API. Here are some best practices and standards developers should keep in mind.

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Cloud sandboxes – stepping stones to hybrid clouds

Shashi Kiran, CMO - Quali

Here’s how enterprises can benefit from leveraging cloud sandboxes for migrating to hybrid clouds, private clouds or potentially even moving from one public cloud vendor to another.

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Bon Secours breach and managing third-party cyber risks

Ellen Fischl-Bodner, Product Marketing Management - Tufin

Healthcare organizations have unique data breach risks. What’s being done to protect sensitive clinical and payment data?

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Robotics and artificial intelligence trends in financial services

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Robotics and AI solutions are hot in banking and financial services. Their disruptive impact, drivers, competitive advantages and effects on digital accessibility for people with disabilities are discussed.