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The Intersection of Fast Data and Big Data

Too many software renewal sales teams are stuck in a data traffic jam. Here’s how to get out of the jam and position your company at the right technology intersection to put your renewals business in the fast lane.

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2013: A “Plan B” Year for Software Firms

What’s the next game-changer that will cause a big shift in the software vendor landscape? Predictions differ among our industry observers.

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Change Reigns: Software Industry Predictions for 2013

SandHill asked several industry observers for their predictions about upcoming changes in what promises to be a game-changing year in the software world in 2013.

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Optimizing Recurring Service Revenue: Eight Questions CFOs Should Ask

CFOs often assume that service revenue is like the weather: there's not much they can do to influence it. But seemingly high renewal rates can mask serious problems - not to mention opportunities to increase service revenue performance. Here are eight questions CFOs should ask to increase renewal rates.

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