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Are You Ready for the New Revenue Recognition Standards?

This article discusses how you should prepare your software company and finance team for the new revenue recognition standards, including five distinct areas of focus.

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“The Death of Traditional Software Product Management”

The book, “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business,” is packed full of information for entrepreneurs starting a SaaS business, executives converting an ISV business to SaaS and current SaaS providers.

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Migrating to SaaS Delivery: Decision or Reaction?

Many ISVs have not thought through their go-to-market strategy and modified their internal culture and expectations to compliment a SaaS, recurring-revenue model. It is one thing for Marketing and Sales to recognize the changing competitive conditions that challenge customer acquisition; but if the rest of the organizational processes and revenue model are structured around the legacy business, dependence on SaaS moving forward is fraught with risk and pitfalls. What follows are some of the key issues that traditional, on-premises vendors should examine to successfully migrate their business to the SaaS model.

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Eight Keys to Enterprise ISV Success in the Cloud

Having worked at both a start-up SaaS solution provider and enterprise software companies, I'd like to share the following eight keys to enterprise ISV success in the cloud.

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